This post was written by Bhasmank Mehta, Posted on 24th January 2016,Updated on 31st March 2016

It amazes me that there are so many stories written by umpteen people from just as many walks of life. Yet we hardly remember one when the moment arises for us to narrate one to our own children for example. I can give many more examples relating to daughter/mother-in-law or love and hate between friends … the list is countless.

The Media, our ancestors, well, everyone around us keeps telling us that there is a lesson to learn. Sometimes I think, if one continues to learn lessons, just when that individual or organisation is going to implement even one of those lessons learnt. So, collection of stories here are with a difference. There is a method in its madness.

The best way to read these stories … would be one every third or fourth day. In between times, whenever the story crosses your mind, just ponder on it for a bit. If you come across a situation resembling the story, tell it. Create a conversation out of it. In about six months, I am almost certain; you will become the person that you always wanted to be. Full of enthusiasm, energetic, eager to assist but above all become an inspiration to someone. One who could do with some ‘up lifting’.

So here, some stories of my own creation; your very own Hindu Priest, Bhasmank Maheta. Others, just translation from another language or even those captured from here, there and everywhere that I feel are of benefit to whomsoever reads them. In short, a collection of stories, points to ponder or even those thought provoking issues that gets one into positive thinking mode. Directly opposite to those Soap Operas that often breed negativeness that one tends to thrive upon.

Well, enjoy the stories and suffer the consequences of shredding those blues off…

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