Two Dolls

This post was written by Bhasmank Mehta, Posted on 7th March 2016,Updated on 9th March 2016

In a far, far away land once lived a King who relied a lot on his Prime Minister. Despite having their own names, they were more affectionately known as BK (Big King) and PM (Prime Minister). Whenever anyone talked about them, they were always referred to as BK or PM. PM was very clever. Nothing missed his attention. One could say, if it weren’t for PM, BK would be lost and that is exactly what happened on one very fine day.

A salesman had come to this town knowing that the PM was very clever. He, the salesman, was selling dolls made from precious metal. In his basket, he had placed a number of dolls in two piles. The dolls in the pile to the left were sold for 2,000 dollars each whereas the ones in the pile to his right were for 3,000 dollars each. The condition was that whoever buys these dolls must buy them in pairs, one from each pile. There was an incentive in there; whoever could uncover the difference between the two dolls would qualify for a full refund. Despite numerous sales, not one person came about who could figure out the difference between the two dolls.

Soon, this episode became the talk of the town. So much so that even BK got to know about it. He ordered that the salesman be presented to him at once. Immediately, all the BK’s close associates and soldiers began to roam the streets of the city in search of the salesman.

After a short period, few soldiers came back with the salesman along with his basket of dolls.

“So,” said the king in an up-beat egoistic way, “you are causing quite a stir amongst my people? Show me what you have that is so intriguing and full of curiosity.”

The salesman asked for his basket to be brought to him. Then he picked out two dolls, one from either side of the basket and said that he was only a small town business person trying to sell his dolls. That anyone who could find the difference between the two dolls could have their payment returned in full. In other words, the dolls would be given to them at no cost at all. The only condition being that – in the first place – they had to buy them dolls.

“As it happens” continued the salesman, “anyone who bought these dolls so far has yet not been able to find any difference and therefore is cursing me; calling me a fake. The fact is, they themselves are not only fake but are lacking their ability to observe.”

“Is that so? Let me see…” said BK as he raised his hand to ask for the dolls to be seen.

“O No, No, No!” said the salesman, “In my books, every customer is to be treated equally. May the person be a king or a pheasant?”

“Rules are rules” BK agreed and asked the treasurer to bring 5,000 dollars so he could lay his hands on these dolls.

Now, BK started to examine the dolls:

He placed them side by side – they appeared to be identical. He placed them on a scale – their weight was identical. He asked for the dolls to be measured and yet again found that there was no difference in the measurement from any angle whatsoever. BK just could not understand why two identical dolls in every way could be priced differently. Numerous experts were invited to make tests that matched their respective expertise. Totally confused, he sent for the most sensible person within the battalion of his learned members in the parliament, the Prime Minister, the PM.

Having explained the situation in full to his PM, BK asked him to have a look at the dolls and see if he there was any way through which the dolls could be obtained at no cost at all.

“No problem” said PM as he took them in his hands.

PM made all of the observations that BK had already carried out. Satisfied there was nothing physically challenging about the doll, he sat down looking for other issues that could spark any interest for he was sure that the change must be. The difference had to be there otherwise the salesman was likely to end up in prison for defrauding people out of their hard earned money.

He then lifted the dolls to his eye level. He began his observation by turning them very slowly. He focused his attention to one centimetre at a time from head down.

“Ah, ha!” he jumped off his seat and exclaimed “I think I have the answer.”

He sat down again and started to inspect the other doll.

After a while, he asked for a tiny thin wire to be made available. Now, he pushed the wire through the ears of the first doll since he could see light through it. The wire, obviously, penetrated through the dolls one ear and out came from the other.

Now, he took hold of the other doll and did the same thing. Unfortunately, this time, the wire did not go right through the dolls ears. Instead, the wire just seemed to go in and in until it stopped after what seemed to be a fair length of wire taken in by the doll. PM pulled the wire out and tried to push the wire through the other ear. Again, same thing happened. The wire did not come out through the other ear but as before, went in and in as though the wire was going in to the dolls tummy.

PM then suggested to BK that in his position, he should not only let the salesman keep the 5,000 dollars already given to him but should actually offer double the amount for one very clever salesman. PM further suggested that he would recommend to the panel that the salesman really ought to be employed by the state as it is not often that someone so clever would come across.

Confused even further BK asked PM to elaborate on his claims. So, PM stood up and began his explanation:

“You see my Lord,” PM continued “after examining both dolls very carefully same as you had done, I decided that there were no physical attributions that could define the differences between the two dolls. So, I sat down making other observations. I found that there was a hole in the first doll which ran between the two ears. However, when inspecting the other doll, no such through hole could be noticed. Upon closer observation, I noticed that although the second doll did not have a hole that when right through between the ears, the holes definitely did exist.

For this reason, I called for someone to bring me some very fine wire. With the help of this wire, I was able to establish that the second doll did actually have the holes built through the ears but not running right through between the ears but bending in towards the doll’s stomach. Just to be sure that I was not imagining, I decided to check the other ear and found the same situation.”

“So? What are you saying?” asked BK.

“Well,” said PM as he continued his observation “the first doll had one single hole running the length between the ears. This means that it is like those people who hear something from one and pass it on to others. These types of people are unable to keep their own secret.”

“The second doll, on the other hand,” explained PM “has two holes; one through each ear. Just like the first one. The difference being that in this case, they do not meet. They end up in the doll’s torso. In its belly! This indicates that it is similar to those types of people who will and are able to keep secret. This sort of people can be trusted and relied upon.”

PM summarised, “If all the people could be like the second doll, there is absolutely no risk of ever having to see any fights in this world. Most fights happen because of ‘he said’, ‘you said’, ‘she said’, they said’ where the words are twisted to suit the individual who said what they said. Let us hope and pray that the days of people following the first doll’s practice are numbered.”


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