This Time Will Pass

This post was written by Bhasmank Mehta, Posted on 7th March 2016,Updated on 9th March 2016

WE ALL ARE PRONE TO CHANGES in our moods a number of times a day. Sometimes we feel really, really sad whereas at other times we feel as though we are at the top of the world. One thing is for sure, whatever our moods, we always hope and expect the best.

Tony or Antonio as he now preferred to be called. He felt that he has grown past being Tony. He felt that being called Tony was no longer his style. Anyway, Antonio thought he had everything he could ever dream of having. Good family, good house, good job, good prospects and good sense of future stability. Unfortunately, like anyone else, he wanted more, more and even more.

Antonio had a friend, Ed, short for Edward. Ed was okay with his name. Not fussed whether someone called him Ed, Eddy or Edward. Ed was contented, softly spoken and someone that appeared to be somewhat placid. Ed continually asked Antonio to ease off of his constant urge for wanting things. “Spend some time with people who care for you. You are not going to take it with you! Stop chasing what you don’t need.” he used to say.

“But Ed, this is not only for me. It’s for my family. They expect this much from me.” Antonio used to protest.

Finally, Ed decided to give something to his friend, a locket. He was the only one who could still dare call his friend Tony and not Antonio.

“Here” Ed offered, “Take these two lockets. Whilst both are made from the same metal, one is painted Gold and the other one in Silver colour. They contain one message each.”

“What do I do with them?” asked Antonio.

“There will come a time in your life when you will feel that you have everything. When that happens, open the Silver locket.” Ed continued, “If on the other hand, you feel really low and you feel suicidal, open this Gold locket.”

Well, time passed by since that little incident. Ed and Tony continued to enjoy their friendship for many years thereafter. One day, when Tony was sitting in the roof-top garden of his house, he thought to himself, “This now appears to be the best satisfying day I’ve had in a very long time.” Just then, he remembered that locket given to him by Ed. He recalled that in his present state of mind, he had to open the Silver Locket. He found the paper inside, took it out and read the inscription on it.

It simply read, “This Time Will Pass …”

Not so long after that, he received some bad news. The business profits were down for the third year. This year was the worse than the previous two. If the business carried on at this rate, soon there would be a problem servicing the debt. But, as we sometimes say, bad news travels fast – like wild fire – and this one, sort of, had wings attached to it. Even refinancing the business became an absolute struggle.

In order to boost the profits of his business, instead of checking on his present strategies in place and cutting down on less profitable projects, he started to make some unnecessary changes. Well, more than just a few changes! This led to mistakes that in turn led to disillusioned staff. Within a very short period the business empire began collapse. For years, the family members had taken each other for granted and the distinct lack of communication split the family up. The house, the only thing left was also under a threat of being auctioned off.

“Was there any way forward?” He kept wondering!

Once more Tony remembered that locket. Yes, the Gold locket that Ed had given. He opened it and extracted the piece of paper therein.

This one also read, “This Time Will Pass …”

Suddenly, his whole life flashed past him. He recalled Ed repeatedly asking him to ease off. To spend some time with the people who cared for him.

“You are not going to take it with you!” Ed used to say.

“I wish I had” so he thought to himself.

“That’s it! I am going to rebuild and see to it that this time also passes. Just like Ed said.” He thought to himself.

Tony called the only person he could trust. The only person who has stood by him, Ed. Together, they approached all the trusted staff from his business. Very soon Tony was able to collect enough funds from them to stop the auction of his house. With proper consultation and planned strategies, he was soon on his way to re-establishing himself in his field of business.

Now, he never forgets, “This Time Will Pass …


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