Ocean of Worries

This post was written by Bhasmank Mehta, Posted on 7th March 2016,Updated on 9th March 2016

If worries is the Ocean, the Rivers are the Resources of this Constant Supply of Worries.

(Best to Build Dams stopping the flow!) (BB 1:5:32)

Worry, every persons prime subject. Some, though, worry more than others. Often these worries can take over one’s life. Take my wife for instance, I just mentioned in the passing that a child had lost her way and that I had given her the directions to follow. Three days later, she asks, “Do you think that child will have found its way?” …

If that is not enough, her friend phoned her and mentioned some issue with her son. Then, there was …

Need I go On.

You see, all these now ferment in her head and the end result is a thumping great headache.

To add to the injury, the child from across the road hit the ball on the window. Luckily the window is safe but the worry is that the child must be told so this sort of thing does not happen. The problem is, how to address the issue as she cannot get the correct words out. Too much on her mind, you see …

Follow the scenario?

Hardly any of them warrant any of one’s own time. Let these worries go. Build those dams so that these sort of things do not hinder the more important issues to be thinking of.


Well, now that you have that extra time since you are not going to worry about a, b, c and so on, have a cuppa and enjoy the day. There is always another day.


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