This post was written by Bhasmank Mehta, Posted on 7th March 2016,Updated on 9th March 2016

Maharshi was once passing through a town when, on his way, he noticed a Bug running down the road. A thought crossed his mind wondering why the Bug was running so fast. Where was it going? Curious, he questioned the Bug,

“Hay Bug, why you are running so fast? I am just wondering as to where you are heading to?”

“I am not heading anywhere my dear Maharshi” the Bug continued, “I am in no rush to reach any destination. I am just running out of the way of that horse cart speeding behind you. If I don’t run, I will get run over.”

“So what are you afraid of? If you get run over and you die, you will be free of this life and perhaps come back as a human or some other better living creature.” Maharshi said.


The Bug replied, “I was only acting out what any other bug would do. However, there are loads of other living entities on this earth and for some, the Almighty has bestowed a human body upon them. Their actions and attitudes, however, are worse than mine.

This tiny bug’s reply made Maharshi think for a while. After a little while, Maharshi offered the Bug a helping hand, “Come, I give you a hand.”

“What sort of help?” asked the Bug.

“I will lift you up and place you to one side away from the path of the horse cart.”

The Bug politely declining the offer saying, “Thank you Maharshi. Without any effort and being dependent will cause the mind to become idle and all doors to enlightened world will cease to exist. Hence, it is only I who must plough this road, all by myself and with my own efforts. So please step aside and let me move on.”


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