Maha Mrutyunjay

This post was written by Bhasmank Mehta, Posted on 7th March 2016,Updated on 9th March 2016

Om Trayambakam Yajaamahe Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam

Urvaarhukamiva Bandhanat Mrutyormuksheeya Mamrutaat


The one with divine fragrance, one with the most sacred (holy) graciousness, the one who quenches thirst and hunger of every being on earth, the father with three eyes, we bow to such entity, the Hrudra Devta (An epithet of Lord Shiv).Similar to the ripened fruit leaving its place from the plant to be free of all attachments, release us from the worldly attachments of life and death. Please do not deprive us from the freedom experienced in the heavenly joys.


All fragrances are good, different and pleasant to be amongst with. Unfortunately, these fragrances come and go. The divine fragrance however is the one that remains with us – all the time. The fragrance spoken of here is that of good will, good gesture; the type that is healing for the sick, entertaining for the sad, consoling for the bereaved. Divine as in the form of a mother; her presence is always felt around us, with us but is never intrusive. We are happy to be with in sickness and in health, in sadness and in happiness to share our joys and our sorrows. The one who is more than just our best friend and no less than the Deities we offer our prayers to.

No matter how bad, ugly and uncooperative we become, for a mother, her son, her daughter will always be the most precious jewel in her crown. She is the most forgiving. The graciousness spoken of is in the forgiving. It is the way in which she forgives; we are ashamed without her ever ‘telling’ us, saying it or even implying. She has the most divine way of ensuring that we lean towards that decent path that leads us towards that beautiful garden of eternal fragrance.

There is a proverb in Gujarati “Bhookhyo oothade pan Bhookhyo Soovdave Nahi” meaning He will wake you feeling hungry but will never let retire to bed hungry. Within this materialistic world, one needs to be fed and clothed. These, in the cosmic terms, are just an illusion. The deeper meaning is the gaining of supreme knowledge. The hunger one strives for is the knowledge of attaining salvation. Large institutions such as Harvard, Oxford or Cambridge Universities spend millions researching on this very subject whereas it is all spelt out in our scriptures. Bhagwat Geeta is a good starting point, I’d say! The tools have been placed in place for us to make use of. Only, like the teacher in the school, in our lives, we need someone to guide us towards these tools. So we pray that the Lord guides us towards that being, that teacher, that personality who can guide us towards our eventual goal. That type of a person who possesses the power of the third eye, the eye of wisdom.

Having more than two eyes is not being disabled or deemed abnormal. Here, the third eye refers to the cosmic knowledge, the eternal knowledge. The two eyes that you and I are familiar with since birth can only see materialistic world. Than again, only what we want to see. Some see positiveness, some see negativity. Some see to help whereas others see to destroy. The third eye is the knowledge that helps us endure that fragrance and that graciousness. The one that strives for thirst and hunger within us to find eternal peace, the Heavenly joy. The ultimate guider, the teacher, the reliever of our sorrows is Hrudra. Hrudra is another name given to Lord Shiv for describing that side of His character, an Epithet.

It is this knowledge that will free us from our long term sorrows and our short term joys. I say “long term sorrows and short term joys” for the very reason that we, the humans, are mostly – on the whole – the carriers of unwanted baggages. We carry sad situations for a longer period than we do the happy moments. Albeit, if one were to keep a diary note of every movement in one’s life, one will find that there are more joyous times than saddened ones. Unfortunately, it just feels that the sorrows are a long term companion.

Just as the ripened fruit removes itself from the attaching branch and feels happy that it no longer is responsible to or for anyone or anything, [in other words, it is independent] we seek guidance from Hrudra to help us attain such eternal happiness [the ripened fruit being the soul and the attaching branch being the mind and body that feed on negativeness]. The happiness endured without the burden of guilt; the guilt of off-loading those life’s unwanted negativities, the sad moments. Similar happiness that is felt in the presence of that Fragrance or that Gracious Generosity afforded to the one attaining salvation. We pray that Hrudra leads us to that eternal peacefulness.


(The Word, the Holy Ghost!)

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“Yesterday was the tomorrow that you were worrying about the day before yesterday.

Yesterday was OK so why indulge in worrying about tomorrow!

There is Happiness in Contentment and Contentment in Happinessor is it the other way around


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