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This post was written by Bhasmank Mehta, Posted on 10th September 2016,Updated on 15th September 2016

What follows is the list which is set out on the main tab.  This is a new, improved website in its infancy and the information and explanations will be added by your very own Sanatan Hindu Priest, Bhasmank Mehta as soon as the audited versions are available via my friend Malcolm Stratten who is spending time  voluntarily o help make the articles pleasant to read. Of course, he can only ‘proof-read’ once I have submitted the relevant articles to him.  In the short-term, if you require explanation(s) to any items prior to the articles being present on the website, please contact me through this site.

  • Akhiyanu (Gift for Brahmin)
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  • Janmakshar (Match Making)
  • Vaat Cheet (Pre-conditions)
  • Sagai (Engagement)
  • Ganesh Pooja
  • Ganesh Pooja (First Pooja)

    ONE STORY that my mother used to tell me when I was around 5 or 6 whilst living in Nairobi, Kenya. It has stayed with me because I had repeatedly asked her to narrate this to me and my brother who happens to be three and one half of one year my junior. Doubt if he remembered it then but that’s less important as he now knows it; I’m Sure!

    Once Upon a time Shiv lived with his wife Parvati in Kailas Parvat. [I thought this was a mountain similar to the hills I regularly viewed on the horizon on my way to school! Then, as I grew older, I was brought to believe that it was Kailas, the one stuck in the middle of Himalayas. The one shaped like a Shiv Ling. Actually, this was a part of the present day Vindyachal range spanning across northern part of central India, just south of the Ganges plateau. East of Aravalli and north of Satpura ranges] Shiv always used to go for meditation on Mt. Meru leaving Parvati all alone at home. [My subsequent investigations led me to find this mountain in present day Tanzania. This was the time when southern part of India was still attached to the eastern part of the African continent.] Not many people lived in the surrounding area which made matters even worse.

    One day therefore, Parvati asked Shiv to give him a Son who could not only be a company for her but also look after her when He (Shiv) was away. Every time Shiv made excuse, “Some other time.” or “Next time I am home”.

    So, next time Shiv was out meditating and when Parvati decided to go for a shower, she gathered up all the skin that shred from her body. She collected all this skin-flakes along with all the cleaning powder and created a small baby boy. She gave it life and names him Ganesh. [First ever sign of modern day DNA and cloning was mentioned in Purans. Reading them gives an impression that this type of knowledge must have been fairly common.] Now, she felt safe in that someone was guarding the door when she was busy bathing or preoccupied with other household chores. The times when she did not want any intruders to disturbing her. [Also commonly known was the fact that the body / human thus created had features, strength and thinking power on par with its creator. This is apparent when Vyas Muni writes about the demons and their off-springs created this way.]

    Soon came the time for Shiv to come home. Next morning, when He approached the gateway of His house, Ganesh stopped Him, “You cannot go in. My mother is having a bath.”

    “Can’t go in? Mother having a bath? What are you on about child? And just who are you? Get out of my way.” Shiv said as he unsuccessfully tried to push Ganesh to one side.

    “I am Ganesh and my mother’s name is Parvati. She has instructed me that no one is allowed in whilst she is enjoying Her bath.” said Ganesh.

    “I don’t know of any child. Besides, she is my wife and this is MY house. Get out of my way, little child!” Shiv tried once again to make his way towards His house.

    This carried on for some time and a fight broke out between the two. Both were equally strong as Parvati had created a ‘Strong Son’ that could look after her in the absence of Shiv, her husband.

    This time, Shiv took out His Trishul [Described as Trident, a Surface to Air Missile by some!] and chopped off the child’s head! It (the head) flew so far away that it was impossible to locate.

    Meanwhile, hearing the commotion, Parvati quickly dressed up and came outside to gauge the reason for this disturbance. What she saw not only horrified her but also angered her beyond belief. She looked up towards her husband and asked, “What were you thinking? How dare you do this to our son?”

    “What Son?” Asked Shiv inquisitively. “Please calm down and tell me what has been going on whilst I have been away.”

    Parvati explained how Ganesh came to being and thereafter demanded that He finds Ganesh’s head and place it back on the torso so that he is alive again. [Does plastic surgery or transplant sound familiar?] There was no way Parvati was going to listen to Shiv until and unless he did what she had asked him to do. [Even in those days, it was a well known fact not to get entangled in an argument with a woman!]

    Shiv send his army in all directions but the head was nowhere to be found. Time was fast running out. So one of the team members of Shiv looking for Ganesh’s head suggested that they behead the first living being that came along their way and take that head to Shiv. Soon, they saw an elephant. They cut his head and took it back to Shiv so that He could attach the head to the child’s body. Soon the child began playing as though nothing had gone wrong. [Fast(er) healing process?]

    Now when Parvati saw that an elephant’s head had been placed on her son’s body, she questioned Shiv. She was furious as she felt that no girl in her right mind will want to marry her son. Not in this condition anyway. Shiv, in turn, explained that she needn’t worry. Not only will he get married twice but will also have two very wonderful sons named Shoobh and Laabh. More importantly, wherever and whenever there is any auspicious ceremony being performed, their Son will be the first to be remembered. Without his blessings, the task at hand will remain unaccomplished.

    Ladies and Gentleman, I submit to you that this fact is true to this day. No matter what your religious beliefs; since that day, Ganesh Pooja is a must. Every Time. Without Fail. Without a Doubt. [Look around you and gauge the consequences not only on individual but also national basis … perhaps international basis!]

    Allow Me To Prove This Statement … I, Bhasmank Mehta am that Hindu Priest able to prove this statement to be true. Please note that Ganesh is the Son of Lord Shiv – A father figure. Ganesh represents his father by way of a son, a messenger, a prophet, a representative, a spokes person and more. Thus, any one of these category is by way in which Ganesh is portrayed. May that be Jesus, Mohammad, Guru Nanak, Buddha and so on. The names are different but the person is still that very same, Ganesh. Every religion has the same motto … e.g. we pray to Jesus in the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost. Who in turn says, come to me, I’ll take you to father. Others also similarly convey same message, “I will show you the way” and so on. It’s not the deity or that individual that matters so much as His or Her ethos that plays the part. Now look deeper and just think what has happened in or around your life once that “ego”, that “don’t believe” scenario hit the fan? Fantasy? You decide.

    Please rate this article and do add your comments to help enhance my cause to popularise this site as one reference point, one site. Meanwhile, elsewhere in this website, there is and will be more on the subject.

    Whatever, Whenever and Wherever You Do
    May your provider, your guide, your very own saviour
    Above all, your faith, always be at your service
    God Bless & I Look Forward To Hearing From You

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  • Official Parental Agreement
  • Groom/Bride’s Acceptance
  • Gifts & Savouries
  • Other Non-Ceremonial Customs
  • Kankotri (Invitation)
  • Writing of Kankotri
  • Distribution of Kankotri
  • Mehdi (Henna Painting)
  • Paintings Hands & Legs
  • Vidhi (Pre-Wedding Ceremony) aka …
  • Ganesh Pooja
  • Kula Devi Invite
  • Mosaloo/Mameroo
  • Mandap Ropan
  • Pithi
  • Ookardi Notarvani
  • Grah Shanti
  • Havan
  • Meedhar
  • Varadh
  • Var Ughlavo
  • Jaan
  • Gifts & Refreshments
  • Lagna/Vivah (Wedding Ceremony)
  • Aagman
  • Bride’s Sisters Receive Groom
  • Var Ponkhva Ni Pooja
  • Invite (Peace Offering)
  • Warn Groom
  • Sampoot
  • Groom Led to Mandap (Alter)
  • Best Man seated
  • Ganpati Invite
  • Washing Groom’s Feet
  • Feed Madhupark
  • Maternal Uncle Invited
  • Antarpat (Curtain)
  • Bride’s Arrival
  • Introduction of Bride
  • Introduction of Groom
  • Removal of Antarpat
  • The Garland ceremony
  • Uncle leading Bride to Alter
  • Bride’s Feet Washed
  • Kanyadaan
  • Hasta Melap
  • Var Mala
  • Gifts to Bride & Groom
  • Parents Depart from Alter
  • Havan (Sacrificial Fire)
  • Fera (Going around the fire)
  • 1st Fera
  • 2nd Fera
  • 3rd Fera
  • Chheda Bandhan
  • 4th Fera
  • Brother Intervenes
  • Bride & Groom rush to sit down
  • Kansar
  • Sapta Padi
  • 1st Step
  • 2nd Step
  • 3rd Step
  • 4th Step
  • 5th Step
  • 6th Step
  • 7th Step
  • Alternative Sapta Padi
  • Kumkum (Vermillion)
  • Mangal Sutra
  • Thanking Audience
  • Akhand Saubhagyavati
  • Photography
  • Dinner
  • Kodi Kodia
  • Untying of Meedhar
  • Finding the Ring
  • Untying Chheda
  • Vidaay
  • Mandap Appreciation
  • Bride & Groom Leaving Mandap
  • Brother’s Last Gift
  • Bride’s Parent’s Last Good Bye
  • Vehicle Blessed
  • Cracking Coconut
  • Driver’s Appreciation
  • Bride’s Parent’s Invite
  • Thappa
  • Tea & Biscuits
  • Purnahooti
  • 1st Anniversary – What’s That?
  • What’s Next?

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