Seemant (Parting of Hair/ Baby Shower)

This post was written by Bhasmank Mehta, Posted on 24th February 2016,Updated on 14th September 2016

Seemant is a ceremony that is more common than the previous two (Garbhadhan and Pumsamvan ceremonies). Having said that, in my opinion, all three hold very important positions within the lives of a couple seeking to enjoy the company of their very first and subsequent children, whether they are boys or girls. We will discuss more on this in Jaat Karma, the first ceremony following the birth of that first precious child. It is important to know and observe that by now, the body features of a woman are very prominent. The books suggest that at this point in time of her life, she is the most beautiful woman she ever will be. She will not only feel, but will act as, the most beautiful woman on earth. This is not surprising and neither is it uncommon. Unless, … the woman has had some adverse situations whereupon she has fallen victim of the pregnancy.

The best part of every Seemant ceremony – the ones that I have been involved in – is where the mother-in-laws or some other relative within the family provides an explanation :

  • To ensure Good Health of the child within or the woman bearing this child – Healthy and pure food is much more important than good health, which will follow anyway.

  • Praying for a Boy – Should have thought of this before the previous two ceremonies that most tend to miss out.  Slightly nonsensical at this stage.

  • Ease at which the birth process is carried out – Again, diet conscious women tend to let go of those important minerals and vitamins so vital during the pregnancy.  Mainly Ghee!  Please read about Panchamrut in FAQ

  • and more … the list goes on.

As a matter of fact, the dictionary meaning of the word is “Parting of Hair”. I shall explain more in detail at some stage in the future. In Christianity though, they call it Baby Shower. Meanwhile, if you are in a rush to find out more, I am your very own Sanatan Hindu Priest, Bhasmank Mehta and I am available to answer your question. Do please rate this article and even convey your comments as appropriate.

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