Pumsamvan (Post Conception)

This post was written by Bhasmank Mehta, Posted on 24th February 2016,Updated on 14th September 2016

NOT all women are privileged to bear a child. Having said that, pregnancy is not only every woman’s life-time ambition, but according to Skand Puran, every woman’s birth right. A God given gift. Nature’s phenomena. Lord Shiv’s eldest son and Ganesh’s older brother Kartike’ or Skand (meaning: The seed of a male semen) as otherwise known, bestowed or shall we say, gave blessings that every woman on earth will or should enjoy pregnancy. I will write more on this, but for now, once you are pregnant, the first thing that you as a woman ought to be grateful of is that you are not within the category of those who otherwise are unable to conceive.

I, your very own Sanatan Hindu Priest, Bhasmank Mehta present this article to you and only ask you to please remember to rate it along with any comments that you may think of.

Whilst there are many reasons for this inability, the primary cause may not be that of the woman but actually in the delivery of the male’s sperm. It applies to both the male and the female but primarily, the sperm count of a male is to blame. This may be because of improper diet leading to excessive heat and thus, literally boiling the sperm to death. Other factors may include stress, unwanted vices such as smoking or consumption of alcohol or any such substance that harms one’s body or one of many medical conditions.

Some scientists will go as far as denying it but of late, too many men and women prefer to wear jeans. The double cross weaving of the material reduces the air required to keep that part of the anatomy supplied with fresh, cool air. Often, this causes an increase of acidity in the region that leads to many factors such as non-conceiving, premature birth or worse, miscarriage.

“We’ve had children and we both wear jeans” some have argued.

“I quite agree,” I comment, “but, in comparison, are your children smart, active, energetic, happy high in physical and mental appearances and of course, eating well?”

Think about it …

Whatever, Whenever & Wherever You Do
IVF treatment may not be the only option available.
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