Garbhadhan (Pre-Conception)

This post was written by Bhasmank Mehta, Posted on 24th February 2016,Updated on 31st March 2016

Why Garbhadhan Pooja?

Is Garbhadhan Pooja Necessary?

At the time of conceiving, if a woman is thinking of another man or men, the child is very likely to have virtual qualities (behavioural pattern!) that of this/these other man/men – Mahabharat 1:107:3/4

Some old sayings come to mind: One reaps as one sows! OR Cannot expect a bed of flowers when a forest of weeds is planted.

Above were just a couple of points raised in my Facebook to bring your attention to this all important issue. The one that most of us are either ignorant of, oblivious of or at worst, unwilling to accept. The story goes back between three and five generations when our forefathers (Young Indians from India) were encouraged by the Colonial to emigrate to other parts of the world where manpower was sought. Primarily, within the countries forming part of the African peninsula falling on or below the Equator.

Majority of the individuals who left the shores of India ~ predominantly Bombay Harbour ~ were in their late teens to early twenties. The prime age when eagerness oozes to stand out in the crowd. When we think we know more than our parents do! “If it weren’t for our parents, the world would be a wonderful place to live in!” So one’s thinking percepts. Yes, that includes me and my father before me.

The problem being, because of that hugely inflated ego, they did not ask their parents just how to lead their lives. How to encounter the difficulties and pitfalls of life. Worst was still to come; even if they wanted to ask – and there had been many occasions when situations demanded their (elderly) consultation, the forms of communication weren’t exactly promising. What with telephone lines yet being installed and that too only in major cities or places of business or at those main and sub-postal service! Minor Postal stations did not stand a chance. To use a phrase “snail mail” to describe the then super fast service would be an insult – Literally. A reply letter even when posted on the day of the receipt of the original letter, would still take over a month. Any delays in replying or distribution of letters in the rural or rather remote parts of sub-saharan desert in the western region of Rajasthan or northwest Gujarat would take considerably longer.

By this time, that burning issues would have long since been solved, may that be with the wrong output. Under these circumstances, a lot of the so called Good Valuable Knowledge was lost and deemed lost for good. That is, up until present day.

With the grace of God – or the powers to be, I have come across some of this knowledge and have pleasure in re-establishing these customs in the most appropriate manner possible. So, let us begin by understanding the concept first:

Cast your mind back to your ages 23 through to 28. (If you are a parent with children above this age, perhaps you will view from their point of view.) Now think of Your behaviour towards your parents. Not your friends or anyone else around you, just your parents. You know, your tantrums, your anger, your adverse attitude plus more. Every negative action towards your parents. At this stage I would like to see that affirmative nod from the parents when I say that that was Exactly how their behaviour and attitudes were towards the society, in the society at the time of you were conceived.

You are a mirror image of what your parents were like at the time of you were conceived. Simple!

Now, just imagine, you have been involved in a relationship for some time. You are planning to add another life in your relationship. You seek advise on what to do and how to go about this activity – remember, the sexual activity is less than 1% of the overall exercise. You get hold of me, Bhasmank Mehta, your very own Hindu Priest who fully understands and is aware of such ceremony. Offers you assistance in attaining the knowledge that then produces the result you always wanted:

A child that you can be proud of, no, really proud of when he or she is the mirror image of what you had planned all that many years ago … 23 years ago.

That my friends, is known as Garbhadhan Pooja long before a child is conceived.

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