Abhishek (Shiv pooja)

This post was written by Bhasmank Mehta, Posted on 4th March 2016,Updated on 19th August 2016

IN SHORT, Abhishek is Sprinkling of Water – Holy Water.  Alternatively, it can also mean Inauguration. Revive the Holy Spirit as in The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit from the Bible.  Mythologically speaking, it is a description to satisfy … to calm the anger of Lord Shiv, the God of Destruction, responsible for bringing one’s life to an end. In other words, to satisfy or calm the exasperation felt in one’s life.

Whilst, predominantly, this article features Lord Shiv, it is not uncommon to perform Abhishek for other deities.  They however, are few and far between.  Please note that each deity has his or her own place in the astral world and for a reason.  Please read about ‘So How Many Gods’ on my Facebook page; a three part series. The final part – part four – will follow in due course.  That’s when I will add the full article in FAQ section of this site.

So, why are we so desperate to perform this ceremony?  Or rather, why should one perform this ceremony instead of seeking help from a psychiatrist?  Or a stress reliever, a masseur or even a chat with a friend ‘over a cuppa’ or ‘a pint’ as one would suggest in modern times.

First, let us look at a scenario before I continue with the answers:

You have commenced some activity and carried out all the necessary arrangements. Everything that ought to be, or could be, done is being or has been done.  However, the ‘end is nigh’ or so it seems.  Now consider that the activity you have undertaken is going to lead to a number of opportunities for you.  You want to be proud of your achievements and the process to the eventual goal is about to start.  The problem is, the current activity is taking just that much longer and the costs … umm, well … just keep on piling up!  A bottomless pit!  Frustration, most certainly is an understatement.

A ceremony is performed hoping that this, the current project, comes to a successful end by the sprinkling of Holy Water.  This is designed to progress the project or even a new project with a view that this begins / kick-starts immediately.  The ceremony thus performed is otherwise known as Abhishek.

What is important to remember is that anyone can head off the performance of this ceremony.  Unless one fully understands the reasons for this ceremony, it could result in wasting valuable time and money.  The eighteen Purans within them have answers to all life’s eventualities and it is fair to say that Brahmins who have none, or very little, knowledge of the contents of these valuable literatures will therefore not be able to answer those important questions.  Let’s face it; one seldom accepts defeat in one’s otherwise beloved project.  Some tactical questioning may well be a way of finding solutions to those predicaments.

This ceremony is very useful for the self-employed, those wanting to begin a new chapter in their lives or even those suffering one or another sort of prolonged illness or condition.  To be honest, anyone who would want to rid those agonising anguishes encircling their immediate unfavourable circumstances can venture towards this avenue.

Other than a business-related example above, the ‘End’ spoken of above does not necessarily refer to the demise of an individual or a named group but an ‘End’ to those unwanted omens in our lives.  I make no apologies for this repetition that only well versed Brahmins or Sanatan Hindu Priests, like your very own Bhasmank Mehta, can truly perform these ceremonies and achieve the desired result.

More on the subject can also be found within the culminating sections of Sankars.  Please visit this site on a regular basis as new articles will continue to populate the pages herein.  I’m sure you will find the points not only interesting, but often useful, and relevant to your personal circumstances.

It is also worth knowing that Rudrabhishek for Rudra is another epithet of Lord Shiv indicative of Dreadful or Terrifying circumstances in our lives.  By glorifying Rudra and sprinkling Holy Water over the congregation in the name of Shiv (Rudra) along with ten other names by which Shiv is known in the context of this article, these obscene issues surrounding our / your lives will most certainly vanish.  Of this, I have no doubt whatsoever and once again refer you to the final two paragraphs of the Ceremonies page.

One other thing; sceptics need not worry.  This is not a gimmick.  Our literature is full of numerous solutions to just as many situations.  Remember that it is only a problem until it is converted into a situation.  Most situations have a solution and in these modern times, it is even more important to seek answers through this medium, as often longer lasting solutions are achieved.

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