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A SUBJECT that is not only Fascinating & Informative but, above all, it’s An Eye Opener.  Best way to avoid “Suffering in Silence”. To solidify your relationship is what I very strongly recommend.  More on this subject can be found within “Hindu Wedding Ceremony” as well as in Astrology and also other parts of this site.

I know, “… but I don’t believe in it!” is often an initial reaction I get.

Think of it as your very own in-built SatNav.  Just as when you drive.  Without one, there are greater chances of you losing your way (getting lost) or taking a wrong turning or worse, getting stuck in the otherwise avoidable traffic jam.

A good SatNav not only informs you of the hazards ahead, but, it directs you away from such hazards.  Are we not stubborn at times and ignore its instructions at our peril? … I think you get the picture.

Take the next step:

You are meeting someone who is organising an onward journey.  Initially, your meeting point is unknown to both and so is the journey ahead.  Surely, you would make enquiries of exactly where this meeting point is?  How will you recognise each other and what is the plan for the journey ahead?  Or would you just say to your mum, “Mum, I’ll be back soon.  Just going to meet someone I’ve never previously seen or heard of because we want to go for an outing together.” and leave …

Of Course Not!

You’d make sure you will be able to recognise who you are meeting, where you are meeting and what is the purpose of this journey but above all, is it safe?  How do I know you are trustworthy and not just being nice to me until …

An Astrologer is a Doctor of M3: Mind, Motive and Management; a psychological[1] Profiler helping to serve your interests first.  The SatNav of your destiny and lots more.  Go on, give it a go.  Fill out the form below for an answer to that burning question … the one that has troubled you for a number of days / weeks / months … best part of your life.

What have you got to lose?  But first, please rate this article for its contents and the ability to captivate your attention.  Thank you.

Whatever, Whenever & Wherever You Do
Let Your Instincts Be Your Guide As Stubbornness Can Be Injurious
God Bless & I Look Forward To Hearing From You

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[1]                   The science of psychology benefits society and enhances our lives. Psychologists examine the relationships between both brain function and behaviour, and the environment and behaviour, applying what they learn to illuminate our understanding and improve the world around us. (

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