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Research into the literature available via text books & numerous websites, it was very disappointing to learn that not much is available for younger generation who so desperately seek so much information. You will also find limited but equally important information within My FaceBook! If however, you do not find an answer, Simply Ask!
For many years we noticed that during any given Sanatan Hindu Ceremony, majority of the people (other than close friends and relatives though sometimes, including!) appear to be present for only two reasons:

To meet up with those long lost acquaintances so as to catch up with the gossip or

Enjoy the venue and the catering services duly provided.

Only to criticise/ psychoanalyse the entire event on the way home!

It is often said that children learn from adults. What this means to our children is that when they have to write about our faith in their schoolwork, they are lost for words. They have absolutely no idea what Hinduism or better still; Sanatan Dharma is all about.
It is therefore important that we comply, understand and promote our children to take interest in this highly religious and philosophical issue. After all, there must be a reason for these lengthy services; our ancestors spent best part of their lives writing about it. Think about it, who does anything without a reason? If there weren’t anything to learn from these scriptures, the likes of NASA, Microsoft or the Mathematical scholars wouldn’t invest time, money and effort to look deeper into the subject. Even the latest Star Wars producers have so much material taken from our scriptures, one begs the question: What would the film be like without such ‘Mythological’ imaginations?

The atheists amongst you need not fear. This is not a lecture on religion. This is more a matter of analysing the ‘Ways of Life’ upon which the fundamental basis of Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma) exists. As for the religion, you are right, not all religions convey the same message. That however, is a debate for another heading at another time. Right now though:
If you do not find an answer to that burning question in your mind, all you need do is send us an email introducing yourself. Find our email on this site or find Bhasmank on Facebook or Tweeter or even make contact with him via LinkedIn or Google+. If we do not have an answer, we promise to do our level best to obtain the correct answer. Indirectly, this then becomes yet another bow on our string of knowledge.
Consider this to be your site; our site. Make the most of it.
Good Luck and God Bless