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SO, what will you find on this site?  Is it only about Weddings?  The most common phrase I hear seems to be, “I have no time to read multiple pages!”  I’d say, “Go on, just this article.”  I feel certain that you will want to Bookmark this site, then come back and learn more…

Cultural Values

It has not gone unnoticed that during any given Sanatan Hindu Ceremony, the majority of the people (other than “close” friends and relatives; but sometimes including them!) appear to be present for one of three reasons:

  • To meet up with those long lost acquaintances so as to catch up with the gossip.
  • Enjoy the venue and the catering services provided therein. Only, to criticise on the way home!
  • Don’t really want to be here, but have to plus respect, plus need for appearances and all that.

Well, you know the drill.

To summarise, what this means to our children is that when they have to write about our faith in their school work or for that matter, having to participate in that discussion amongst a group of mixed / multi-faith friends, they (we) are lost for words.  They (we) have absolutely no idea of what Hinduism or better still; Sanatan Dharma is all about.

Despite extensive research amongst various literatures available in the market place, visits to libraries & numerous websites, we were extremely disappointed to learn that not much was available for today’s younger generation who so desperately seek so much information.  There are lots of western writers writing about Hinduism but, when looking deeper, we note that the writings are yet another attempt to talk about the philosophical side of Hinduism.  Some have even attempted a literal translation of the works.  None, I might add, in the format that one would call, “Simple English”.  Teachings from the 4 Vedas, 18 Purans, 108 Upanishads and more can often be overwhelming.

Maharshi Krishna Dwaipayan Ved Vyas otherwise known as ‘Sage Vyas’ or ‘Vyas Muni’ wrote 18 Purans culminating with Mahabharat.  Most of the teachings in these scriptures are by means of an inter-linked collection of small stories.  Always with an inner meaning so as to enhance knowledge and improve our lifestyle.  We would like to add some of this material for our readers of all ages in the most understandable English that we can possibly manage.  This includes almost all the ceremonies mentioned herein or known in the community.

It is therefore important that we encourage our children to take interest in this highly religious and philosophical issue.  After all, just think!  There must be a reason for these lengthy ceremonial services.  Our ancestors spent the best part of their lives writing about it.  Let’s face it, who does anything without a reason? 

If there wasn’t anything to learn from these scriptures, the likes of NASA, the Microsoft, the Research Departments of well-established Western Universities, the Scientists and the Pharmaceutical companies or even the Mathematical scholars would not invest time, money and effort to look deeper into the subject.  Did You know that the formation of today’s inner cabinet of any given political party plus the ‘Blue Book’ – a diary of daily events in politics – were first laid out to Yudhisthir by Sage Narad?  That was just over 5,000 years ago. 

Our hope is to offer some simplified extracts from these beautifully presented ancient scriptures.


Atheists amongst you need not fear.  This is not a lecture on religion.  This is more a matter of analysing the ‘Ways of Life’ upon which the fundamental basis of Hinduism or rather, Sanatan Dharma exists.  As for the religion, you are right, not all religions convey the same message.  That however, is a debate for another heading at another time.  Right now:

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