About Other Issues

A SUMMARY of what’s been done so far, what is in the pipeline, what to expect in the forthcoming features, long term ambitions (Help Needed Please!) plus anything else of interest that you would like me to add in this site.

Current Project:

All my previous work is or soon will be on display herein.  This includes writing about:

  • Abstracts from Holy Scriptures
  • Sixteen Sanskars
    • (Process of Purification)
  • A separate section for Wedding Ceremony
    • (12th through to 14th Sanskars)
  • Other popular ceremonies not included in the aforementioned points
  • Such as Satyanarayan Katha, Havan and more
  • Astrology
    • Including Kundli – the Vedic Birth Chart, Numerology, Facial Reading, Lal Qitab, Gemmology, Bio-Rhythms and more …
  • Collection of Stories
    • Written by Bhasmank Mehta and many other writers; including some anonymous ones.
  • Pictorial Stories
  • Other Articles of Interest

This brings me to the end of my current project.  However, if you feel that you have a story or an article that would be ideal for this site, do please send it for my attention.  I am, your very own Sanatan Hindu Priest, Bhasmank Mehta.  If I can, and if appropriate, it will be my pleasure to incorporate same herein.  As you would expect, certain conditions may apply.

There is always a possibility that I may inadvertently have left some issues out.  Possibly ones that you are seeking answers to.  Please feel free to contact me if this is the case.  Not only will it give me pleasure to incorporate such article herein but will also help enhance my personal educational goal.  Furthermore, it will enable me to offer my services and guidance to an even wider audience.

Forthcoming Project:

I would like to create a database of the Hindu Gujarati calendar.  In particular, the reasons for celebrations &/or commiserations on a given date from the Vikram Samvat Calendar.  If you have any material relating to this, I would appreciate your input.  I may incorporate items or beliefs from other regions of India but, I am still working on obtaining sufficient knowledge and material to fully justify their inclusion.


Then, there is Glossary.  So many articles with so many non-English words, so many Non-English phrases….  If I am to engage the younger generation of present day as well as that of those yet to set foot on this beautiful earth, it would all be a waste if Glossary is not incorporated.

Sanskrit was and is known to be the oldest spoken language on earth today.  However, like we see in one of those Egyptian tombs films, similar to the pictorial language displayed therein – seldom understood by those other than the film makers –  I fear that many of the present day Indian regional languages will either vanish or hardly be spoken by those whose then forefathers landed on the shores of United Kingdom of Great Britain that many years ago.  If their enthusiasm and culture needs to be preserved, it is important that this Glossary page justifies its existence.  Not so much just for this site – since much of the articles are self-explanatory even with these ‘foreign’ words – but to assist with many other sites as well.

As above and once more, if there is / are topics that I have missed, any corrections requiring my attention or even just to send me some encouraging words, please do communicate with me.  Your input will greatly be appreciated.  Meanwhile, as always, please do not forget to rate this article.  Thank you.

Whatever, Whenever & Wherever You Do,
Don’t Leave Matters To Chance
God Bless & I Look Forward To Hearing From You

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