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17022016 1044Just who is Bhasmank Mehta? How long has he been around? How much does he know? These and many more questions are answered herein:

Greetings, welcome and thank you for being here.  Practising since 1978, I am Bhasmank Mehta, your very own Sanatan Hindu Priest also known as Indianmaharaj, keeping up the family tradition.  I was born in a family of Hindu Priests originally from Sojitra, a small town near Anand in the state of Gujarat, India.  My grandfather, Shankerlal Mehta, affectionately known as Jatashankar or even Shankerlal Master for being a Head-Teacher in his pre-retirement days was also very much a public figure in his heydays.  He held the position of a Head Priest for many of the surrounding towns and villages.  His son, and my father, Kanubhai Mehta totally cornered the market as a Hindu Priest from the end of the 60’s through to the 90’s in London and the Home Counties.  Then there is also a long list of relatively close relatives engaged in offering the spiritual services of Hindu Priest within UK and elsewhere.

In addition to having attained the basic knowledge from my parents, I had the privilege of receiving further knowledge from a number of uncles as well as my late (ex) father-in-law.

Not satisfied with the level of knowledge attained, I embarked on a self-learning expedition to accumulate everything there is to know about all of the 16 Sanskars and many other ceremonies on the periphery.  Once acquired, I still felt this additional knowledge was insufficient.  I continued to attain theoretical knowledge of all major religions encompassing many a denomination.  What started as a curiosity with Catholicism around the  middle of 1969 ended up with some serious study in Sikhism in 2003 with everything else in between.

On the basis that one can never stop learning, I continue to expand my knowledge in Astrology, Numerology, Lal Kitab, Bio-Rhythms, Gem Stones, Facial Reading and more.  Is there anyone out there able to enlighten me on Tarot Cards?  If so, please make yourself known to me!  As for Turkish fortune telling by looking into the sediments of coffee once consumed, it is a dying skill.  I would very much like to hear from this quarter as well.

As for the Hindu literature, I have read almost all the Purans.  Currently, whilst reading the 4th of the 7 volumes of Mahabharat, I am also reading Bhagavati (Devi) Bhagwat and continuing to enhance my knowledge in Astrology.  It is said in Mahabharat that one must try and combine other forms of readings or activities to enhance the level of knowledge captured in any one sitting.  If I may say so, it has proven to be true to the very last word!  Still on the agenda is ‘Body Reading’ – not body language as one may misinterpret.

Having carried out the services of a Hindu Priest for the last 38 years in the UK, I have also travelled professionally to many locations around the Globe including India.  Yes, that’s right!  Even I was surprised to be asked to perform ceremonies in India by the local individuals – not as many claim where the invite is extended by those residing outside but visiting India for the ceremony.

Furthermore, after intense study of HTML coding, I set up a website but, that proved to be tedious to maintain, to say the least.  After assistance from some young men in Preston and another one from Mumbai,  I embarked on setting up this ever-expanding website.

All I ask of you is… to err is only human.  So please help me improve on any of the topics you feel require attention.  At the same time, if you like any of the articles, do please rate them accordingly.  Any support will most sincerely be appreciated.  I feel I have a lot to give, but even more to learn and I hope you will promote my enthusiasm both from within and beyond.  I am, your very own Sanatan Hindu Priest, Bhasmank Mehta.

I would like to thank each and every one of you who has helped me get thus far.  In particular, my long standing friend and colleague, Malcolm Stratten who has patiently helped me with my work to help ensure the highest standard of presentation possible.  I am also very grateful for my wife’s patience in allowing me to continue with this task unhindered.

Thank you and I look forward to your continued support.  Please do rate this article and add your comments as appropriate.  And, finally, do please note that all that is mentioned herein does not donate big-headedness on my part.  I just happen to be a humble one chosen to convey the messages herein.  You guys are the real heroes for without you, any amount of writing is just scribble on someone’s screen or binary digits in someone’s storage system.

Whatever, Whenever & Wherever You Do,
Consider this to be your site. Make the most of it.
God Bless & I Look Forward To Hearing From You

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