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Indian Maharaj


Thank you for visiting We have pleasure in introducing Bhasmank Mehta, your very own resident Sanatan Hindu Priest from London, U.K. You can learn more about him in the “About Me” section.

Within this site, you will read about Bhasmank and his passion for all of the 16 Sanskars (Purifications), Astrology, his in-depth knowledge of Sanatan (Hindu) Wedding Ceremony [Also, often referred to as Arya Samaj Vidhi] and much more.

Your very own resident Sanatan (Hindu) Priest – hereinafter also known as Hindu Priest. Please refer to his article on “What is the difference between Sanatan and Hindu?” in FAQ.

Bhasmank helps create that comfortable environment within which he performs all types of Sanatan or Hindu Ceremonies as you know it. Not only will you feel at ease with him, you will also forget that there is a house full of individuals overlooking or, shall we say, scrutinising every action, every step undertaken during any given ceremony. The originator of Silent Weddings, Bhasmank, has also introduced a number of fresh changes over the years that have turned out to be for the better. These have since become a ‘Norm’ in the Ceremonial events including Hindu Weddings, a variety of Havans, Satyanarayan Katha plus almost every type of known ceremony within Sanatan Dharma. Volumes has been written on How? When? and Where? we do what we do? Seldom on Why’s? &/Or What For’s? Bhasmank’s Aim is to publish all that he knows. All ‘Under One Roof’, in a manner of speaking.

“About This Site” along with “Silent Hindu Wedding Ceremony” are the main sections giving you further insight on Bhasmank’s thinking. Following that, if you still do not find what you are looking for, it doesn’t mean it won’t be covered, it’s just a matter of time. Please either ask or refer to “About Other Issues” and “FAQ” wherein you may find additional information. This is a young site and a lot more information has yet to be added. We therefore request that you contact Bhasmank in the first instance before searching for your requirements elsewhere.

Consider this to be your site and I hope you make the most of it. Do please add your comments to help improve &/or enhance this site as the information herein is not just for you but for our future generations as well.

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Whatever, Whenever & Wherever You Do
Let Success Surround You From All 10 Directions.
God Bless & I Look Forward To Hearing From You

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About Me

Just who is Bhasmank Mehta? How long has he been around? How much does he know? These and many more questions are answered herein: Greetings, welcome and thank you for being here.  Practising since 1978, I am Bhasmank Mehta, your very own Sanatan Hindu Priest also known as Indianmaharaj, keeping up the family tradition.  I was born in a family of Hindu Priests originally from Sojitra, a small town near Anand in the state of Gujarat, India.  My grandfather, Shankerlal Mehta,…

Our Aim

Bhasmank helps create a comfortable environment within which he performs all types of Hindu Ceremonies. Additionally, he also offer Astrological solutions in a manner to help understand the Why's, When's and What For's of the actions undertaken by a given Hindu Priest. Volumes have been written on How? When? And Where we do? Seldom on Why's? &/Or What For's? The Aim is to publish all that he knows. Sort of all 'Under One Roof' in a manner of speaking.